Find the Best Water Bottle for Your Fitness Regime: The Top Water Bottles of 2018

Your water bottle should be like you. It should travel easily with you and fit in wherever you go–mountains to the cubicle. It’s important to stay hydrated no matter where you are. It should also be the best in its class.

The water bottles listed below have risen to the top in both research and customer review. Some bottles were drop-tested, filled with strong tasting liquids and carried everywhere from the office to outdoors. Others distinguished themselves by being the top-rated and best-selling bottles at online retailers. These combined voices bring you the best water bottles online right now:


Specs: Double Wall Insulated, Wide Mouth, Stainless Steel
Preferred Size: 32oz
Colors: 20 options (Amazon), REI offers 3 “Ombre” colors Amazon does not

This bottle crushed the competition in both ratings and actual performance. The most common reason for its success: the insulation. The HydroFlask has established a new standard for how long a beverage can maintain its original temperature in a water bottle. Water remains ice cold for 24 hours and coffee remains lukewarm for up to 6 hours.

The taste of the water remains surprisingly pure, regardless of the previous beverage. The wide mouth makes it very easy to clean and drink from. HydroFlask offers lid options for those who want more flow control than a wide mouth: a sports top with a straw for the athlete, or a coffee lid for the office worker.

It is also durable. The double-walled, stainless steel construction makes the HydroFlask very sturdy and keeps the bottle from sweating. The powder coat on the outside makes it easy to grip and attractive to look at.

The downside for some may be the price. This is one of the most expensive bottles on the list, with a 32-ounce bottle rolling in at a $40 price point. Lid options are an additional $5-10 each.

Nalgene Tritan

Specs: Wide Mouth, BPA-Free, Dishwasher Safe
Preferred Size: 32oz
Colors: 68 options on, including Super Hero

Close on the heels of the Hydroflask was an oldie, but a goodie: the Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth. Nalgene has been around over 20 years but remains relevant by making important changes such as using BPA-free materials and adding a new spectrum of colors and characters.

Indoor folks love the Nalgene because it can carry both hot and cold beverages without retaining strong flavors, though it is not insulated. Its wide mouth makes it easy to drink from and easy to clean. An added bonus is that it is dishwasher safe.

Outdoor folks love it because it is lightweight and incredibly durable. It fits into backpack pockets or can be hung from straps with the loop-top design. The wide mouth also makes it easy to gather and filter water.

Nalgene is easy on the wallet, rolling in at $11 a piece with a lifetime guarantee. It is also proudly made in the USA.

Yeti Rambler

Specs: Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel, Sturdy Carrying Lid
Preferred Size: 26oz
Colors: Stainless, Black, Seafoam, Tahoe Blue, Pink, Brick Red, White, Olive Green

This water bottle was a bit of a dark horse on the “Best of” lists, but a strong favorite amongst consumers. Only Outdoorgearlabs found it to be #1 after their rigorous testing. The consumers concurred, with this bottle topping the “Most Popular” and “Top Rated” charts of most Online Retailers.

In nearly every category, the Yeti performed similarly to the HydroFlask except for two: diameter of opening and carrying lid. Yeti uses an “Over-the-Nose” design, making drinking from it very similar to drinking from a glass. The carrying lid was proven sturdier and more comfortable than the Hydroflask.

Similar to the Hydroflask, this is an expensive, heavier bottle. Additional lid types can also be purchased, though these are a heftier sum, rolling in at nearly $19 each.

Camelbak Chute

Specs: Angled Drinking Spout, BPA-Free, Twist off lid
Preferred Size: 1L
Colors: 19, including depictions of some National Parks

The Chute offers something the above 3 bottles do not – a controlled drinking experience. There is no wide mouth to drink from here; but rather an angled drinking spout with a magnetic cap that consumers find easy to use and spill-proof. The magnetic cap locks the lid into place, making it easy to take a drink while on the move.

The bottle is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and durable. It is also BPA-free. The Chute is not insulated, but it is very lightweight and does not retain the taste of previous beverages.

Similar to the Nalgene, the Chute comes in at about $10 with a lifetime guarantee.

LifeFactory Glass Bottle

Specs: BPA-Free, Flip Cap, Silicone Sleeve
Preferred Size: 22oz
Colors: 19, including depictions of some National Parks

LifeFactory offers something different—a glass bottle—appealing to the water purist and the

environmentally conscious. It is also one of the more fashionable bottles on the list.

This bottle is easy to clean, BPA-free, dishwasher safe and relatively easy to drink from. Just like a drinking glass, it does not retain flavors.

The downside of a glass bottle is that it is heavy, it sweats and it is less durable than something constructed of steel or plastic. To mitigate these issues, LifeFactory wraps each bottle in a silicone sleeve, making it easier to grip and more sturdy.

There are lid options such as the Active Flip Cap or the Classic lid for $10 if the bottle is purchased with the normal flip top. It is priced in the middle range of the on this list, starting at $20+ online.

Camelbak Eddy

Specs: BPA-Free, Bite Valve w/ Straw, Lightweight
Preferred Size: 25oz
Colors: 20, including some varied designs

Camelbak appears on the list a second time, this time offering a bite valve and a straw inside its BPA-free, plastic bottle. Similar to the Chute, the Eddy is low cost, durable, lightweight and spill-proof. It also fits into car cup holders or can be carried comfortably by its handle.

The drawbacks of this model are found in the straw and the valve: they can be difficult to clean, and can retain taste from previous beverages. Some users noted the bite valve adds a plastic taste to the water and does not last very long.

Camelbak sells replacement straws and valves for $4. The company also offers its Got Your Bak lifetime guarantee for anyone disappointed by this chart topper.

Klean Kanteen Classic

Specs: Stainless Steel, BPA-Free, Lightweight
Preferred Size: 27oz
Colors: Brushed Stainless, Berry Syrup, Blue Planet, Channel Island, Flame Orange, Lime Pop and Shale Black

No “Best Water Bottle” list would be complete without the Klean Kanteen Classic. This stainless steel, BPA-free bottle is surprisingly light and incredibly durable.

The standard mouth makes it easy to fill, pour from and clean. If beverage temperature is not a factor, this bottle can go literally anywhere with anyone. The sturdy construction and leak-proof nature of the Loop Cap make it a favorite.

Similar to the Eddy, some users have reported flavor retention issues from previous beverages and some metallic taste to the water.

The price point of the Klean Kanteen is close to the lower end, rolling in at $16. Lid options range from $5-$15.

Platypus DuoLock Soft Bottle

Specs: Highly Packable, Clip Carrier, BPA-Free
Preferred Size: 1L
Colors: Blue Prisms, Blue Skyline, Gray Prisms, Orange Skyline, Platy Logo, Trail Love

The Platypus DuoLock is the best water bottle when space is a must. It is the only lightweight bottle on the list that can collapse, flatten and roll up.

The lid is removable, which makes the bottle easy to fill. The cap locks into place so that there are no spills, even when the bottle is clipped on to a backpack strap or belt loop.

The drawbacks of this bottle are flavor retention issues and ease of drinking. The bottle can retain strong flavors or impart a plastic taste to water. Unlike other water bottles, two hands can be required to manage the soft form.

The DuoLock is priced at the lower end of this list, at $12.

Thermos Intak

Specs: BPA-Free, Flip Cap Lid w/ Carrying Loop, Rotating Meter for Consumption Tracking
Preferred Size:  24oz
Colors: Smoke, Green, Magenta, Purple, Red, Dark Blue, Teal, Pink

The Thermos Intak is the perfect bottle for keeping track of daily water intake. It is the only bottle on this list with a dial to count the number of times it is refilled daily.

The BPA-Free plastic construction makes the Intak lightweight, durable and dishwasher safe. The push button lid can be operated with one hand and closes with a satisfying, leak-proof click.

The drawbacks of this bottle are found primarily in the lid. It is the least durable part of the bottle and can be difficult to clean due to its many crevices. These crevices also trap flavors.

The low cost makes achieving daily hydration goals very affordable. Each bottle is about $10.

Simple Modern Summit

Specs: Stainless Steel, Insulated, Sweat-Free Easy Grip
Preferred Size: 22oz
Colors: 27, including some patterns such as marble or wood grain

The Simple Modern Summit is an insulated, stainless steel bottle. Many have called it “an affordable alternative to the HydroFlask.”

Similar to the HydroFlask, the Summit can maintain beverage temperatures for longer periods of time. It also offers a powder coating making it sweat-free and easy to grip.

The Summit and the HydroFlask differ in a few ways, some more favorable than others. The Summit has a standard size mouth, making it harder to clean. But the Summit comes in 7 additional colors and 4 additional sizes. Some sizes arrive with multiple lids.

The biggest difference, however, is the price. A 32-ounce Summit bottle is $26. Additional lids are $8. Simple Modern donates a minimum of 10% of its profits.

Purchasing any reusable water bottle is 90% of the battle. The remaining 10% is about selecting the best bottle for your lifestyle. The question becomes: which water bottle will encourage you to stay hydrated?


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